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Brenda Doskocil

Brenda is VP of Business Development at JBC Technologies where she has worked for the last 16 years with prospects and customers launching a myriad of manufacturing programs with a strong focus on development and launch of new business opportunities in the Automotive Heat Shield market. In her spare time Brenda enjoys home projects, travel and spending time with her family.

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Die Cut Heat Shields for Thermal and Acoustical Insulation

Posted by Brenda Doskocil on Nov 9, 2017 7:03:54 PM

Die cut heat shields protect the interiors of vehicles and equipment against excessive heat from engines and exhaust systems. Depending on their construction, these die cut products can also reduce unwanted sounds. For example, die cut heat shields with an aluminum foil facing can be micro-perforated for noise reduction and embossed for flexibility. This thin-gauge foil reflects radiant energy, and can be laminated to thermal insulation that absorbs high heat and reduces temperatures quickly.

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Topics: Die Cutting, Automotive

Case Study: Die Cut Foils for Automotive Heat Shields

Posted by Brenda Doskocil on Mar 30, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Die cut foils are used in automotive heat shields to provide thermal and acoustical insulation. These formable, flexible, thin-gauge materials can be micro-perforated for noise reduction, and can be laminated to high-temperature insulation to create foil-faced structures that absorb high heat and reduce temperatures quickly. As this case study shows, JBC Technologies provides die cut aluminum foils that solve design challenges and meet multiple requirements.

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Topics: Die Cutting, Automotive

Die Cut Foils: Material Constructions and Benefits

Posted by Brenda Doskocil on Mar 23, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Die cut foils can be embossed, micro-perforated, laminated to high-temperature insulation, or laminated with pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs). These die cut products can be supplied as two-dimensional (2D) shapes, or die cut and formed into three-dimensional (3D) structures. 2D parts include flat, circular heat shields such as the gaskets used in convection ovens. 3D die cut foils can be formed into complicated shapes used in various applications, such as heat shields near exhaust systems in cars.

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Die Cut Foils: Applications and Markets

Posted by Brenda Doskocil on Mar 16, 2017 3:45:00 PM

Die cut foils are flexible, formable materials that provide heat shielding, sound deadening, sealing, and insulation. They are made of thin-gauge metals and used in the automotive, HVAC, and appliance industries. Aluminum foils support precision die cutting and can be embossed and/or micro-perforated. These die cut foils can be laminated to thermal insulation, and supplied with or without an adhesive backing.

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Topics: Thermal Management, Die Cutting

What JBC Learned at Foam Expo 2017

Posted by Brenda Doskocil on Mar 9, 2017 10:45:00 AM

Recently, JBC Technologies exhibited at Foam Expo 2017, North America’s first free-to-attend exhibition and conference for the technical foam industry. From February 28 to March 2, JBC joined over 200 exhibitors and as many as 4500 visitors at the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi, Michigan. For suppliers, buyers, and design engineers from across the technical foam industry, the Foam Expo was an opportunity to connect with other professionals, share knowledge, and build business relationships.    

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Topics: Die Cutting, Foam & Elastomers